Collateral lineage

Developing branches of the tree with collateral lines is essential if trying to understand autosomal DNA matches. Collateral lineage covers relatives descended from the siblings of a direct ancestor. I have a full list of surnames in my tree, but the list format does not help to understand where they fit in. Some surnames appear in several unconnected branches.

It will take some time to work through and explain each name, so I will try to add a few at time.

Ash: Mary Webb, my eldest maternal aunt, was a war bride who married a Canadian airman, James Murray Ash. The majority of my Ash connections are in Canada. I have traced their line back to Ephraim Ash who was born about 1795 in USA.

Baston: The Bastons are not a collateral line as we share no common ancestry, but they are still of interest to me. John Henderson, my great great uncle, was drowned in Amble harbour in 1898. His widow Mary subsequently married John Baston, so my Henderson 1C2Rs were raised with Baston half-siblings.

Cole: Martha Cracket, my 1C2R, married Charles John Cole at Woodhorn in 1904. I have found two daughters for them, born in Ashington, but have not found any sons.

Dann: Eleanor Bainbridge, my great great grandmother, married twice. After the death of my great great grandfather John Parkinson she married Thomas Dann from Norfolk in 1854. Their sons, who were born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, have a blood relationship to me through their mother and were half-siblings to my great grandmother Mary Parkinson.

Edge: My great great grandfather George Davis had an older sister Sarah Ann, born in Madeley, Shropshire. Sarah Ann Davis married John Edge at Madeley in 1853. I have found a son and a daughter for them.

Fear: Ada Cracket, my 3rd cousin, married William Moore Fear in Northumberland in 1948. The common ancestors that their children share with me would be my great great grandparents, William Cracket of Kyloe and Elisabeth Tait of Norham.

Giles: Ethel Crackett, my 2C2R, married Walter Giles in Co. Durham in 1909. Their children, born in the South Shields or Jarrow area, include 7 girls and one boy.

Hetherington: Eleanor Baxter Crackett, my 2C1R, married Francis W. Hetherington at Tynemouth, Northumberland in 1920. I have found 3 sons and 2 daughters for them. The common ancestors I share with these Hetheringtons are my great great grandparents William Cracket of Kyloe and Elisabeth Tait of Norham.

Kussman: Helen Barry Turner, my 1C1R, married Milton Everett Kussman in Union, South Dakota in 1942. They later moved to California. The common ancestors that I share with their family are my great grandparents George Murray Turner and Sarah Ann Carr. George Murray Turner was raised with William Robinson Turner as is father, but his baptismal record indicates that he was born George Murray, the illegitimate son of Barbara Murray. Barbara and William married a couple of years later.

Lemcke: Ann Rennie, my 1C4R, married Bernhard Lemcke in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1868. Ann was a granddaughter of my 4th great grandparents George Murray and Anne Ruddiman. I have found a daughter and two sons for Bernhard and Ann.

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