My Thornton connection

Thornton is one of those interesting names which started as a surname but was then used in subsequent generations as a first name or middle name. The first Thornton in my pedigree is maternal great grandmother Margaret Jane Thornton born in 1871 in Choppington in Northumberland. She married Archibald Henderson in 1871. Her sister Mary Phyllis Thornton, born in 1876, married Archie’s brother Newton Henderson. As a result there are several Hendersons who carry Thornton as part of their name.

Margaret Jane and Mary Phyllis were two of the 11 children of my 2x great grandfather Randle Thornton born in 1843 in Newburn in Northumberland. Randle married Mary Oliver in 1863.

Randle’s father is my 3x great grandfather John Thornton born in Hartburn in 1794. John married Margery Hall in 1822.

I have some information gathered from Woodhorn archives which should help to take my Thornton line further back, but need to analyze it more thoroughly before I add to the tree.


Constructive comments and new relatives are welcome:

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