Amble East Cemetery

Photos I have taken on my visit to Amble East Cemetery at Easter 2010:

Turner family plot in Amble East Cemetery

Plot list for Amble East Cemetery

During my Easter 2012 visit to Northumberland Archives I found a file (Misc 94) with a list of plots in Amble East Cemetery. This has proved very useful as many of the headstones are illegible or removed. The burrowing bunnies and ravaging coastal winds have taken their toll. Below is a list of the cemetery’s residents that I can claim as part of my tree:

Name Age Buried Died Plot
Sydney Crackett 23 11 Apr 1942 Beverly Base Hospital B/22
Margaret Henderson 58 11 Feb 1895 Henderson St. O/12
Annie Turner 16 11 Jan 1903 Queen St. B/03
Barbara Turner 60 19 May 1901 Queen St. B/01
Eleanor Turner 6w 3 Aug 1889 Amble B/02
George Murray Turner 91 24 Nov1952 Percy St. B/22
George Murray Turner 9w 22 Feb 1885 Amble B/02
Sarah Ann Turner 80 17 May 1941 53 Wellwood St. B/03
William Robinson Turner 43 7 Aug 1882 Amble B/01
Mary Webb 33 1 Mar 1902 Radcliffe Y/154
Margaret Stavers 82 15 Nov 1889 Henderson St. S/78
Thomas Stavers 32 19 Mar 1886 Henderson Buildings U/72
Ralph Smith 63 29 Oct 1962 Ponteland B/21

I expect to be able to tie in quite a few more of the Hendersons and Olivers on the burial list too, but that needs more work to figure out who is who. It is also possible that several of the Buddles, Ormstons, Rutters, Smailes, Spears, Smiths, Taits/Tates and Thorntons on the list may be relatives of mine, so you can expect the above list to grow.

Constructive comments and new relatives are welcome:

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