Me and my blog

Why I am blogging about the past

1942 - George Crackett & Peggy Webb

I dipped my toes into genealogy a few years ago with little success. Then a question from my Welsh cousin triggered my interest again earlier this year. Spent my Easter holidays squelching around damp chilly Northumbrian cemeteries with my camera and playing with the microfilm readers at Woodhorn Archives. At the end of the week I was totally hooked.

Now find I need an effective method of sharing my finds with the rest of the clan without losing control of my mailbox. Have 6 months of intriguing research to structure and have not seriously blogged before, so bear with me as I try to figure out what to put where for maximum readability.

Cracketts by the dozen

Len Crackett & Mary Parkinson with their 10 grown up children

Crackett is a fairly unusual name with early censuses showing a pre-dominance in North Northumberland and Scotland. My theory is that if we can get far enough back we will be able to tie together all the current lines which stretch around the globe. The slightly fuzzy picture in my blog heading shows Leonard Cracket and Mary Parkinson with their 10 offspring. The handsome young chap on the right is my grandfather George. Len had at least 6 brothers and a sister, so just tracking down and sideways from the folks in this photo gave me a kick-start on the Crackett tree.