Northumberland Collection Services – Woodhorn

My first attempt to dig out information other than on the internet was a trip to Woodhorn Archives near Ashington at Easter. I had help from another family member, Karen, on my first trip and we turned up a couple of gems including the missing name for one of my Granda Crackett’s siblings. I have been back several times and have found a lot of useful leads. Since Woodhorn has responsibility for the county archives there is a formal registration system to gain access, so if you are a first time visitor remember to take some official identification.

Northumberland and Durham Family History Society

I have had one trip to NDFHS at Bolbec Hall in Newcastle. Very different sort of place to Woodhorn. Run by volunteers and much more informal. NDFHS is a good place to trawl through record indexes on microfiche, but to see copies of the records on microfilm you have to go to Woodhorn. Interesting library of old books at NDFHS too and some useful information from their churchyard visits.

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