I have obtained or viewed many certificates in the course of my research. The lists below will be gradually supplemented to show a complete list. If you are interested in more details from any of the certs let me know. I have not included dates for births after 1930 and marriages after 1950 to limit publication of information for living individuals.

Type Year Name Comment
Birth 1843 Randle Thornton  
Birth 1843 Mary Oliver Father John
Birth 1847 Leonard Cracket  
Birth 1850 Robert Cracket  
Birth 1850 John Robert Stavers  
Birth 1852 Mary Parkinson  
Birth 1867 Archibald Henderson  
Birth 1869 Mary Davis  
Birth 1872 Margaret Jane Thornton  
Birth 1873 Emma Davis  
Birth 1876 John Thomas Crackett  
Birth 1890 George Crackett  
Birth 1899 Margaret Jane Henderson  
Birth 1899 Jonathan Doleman Webb  
Birth   Elizabeth Doleman  
Birth 1920 Jane Smailes  
Birth 1922 Evelyn Crackett  
Birth 1922 William Smailes  
Birth 1925 Albert Smailes  
Birth 1925 Idwal Evans  
Birth   Joyce Smailes  
Birth   Annie Smailes  
Birth   Harriet Hume  
Birth   Raymond Hume  
Birth   Mervyn Evans  
Birth   John George Spears  
Birth   Margaret Ellen Spears  
Birth   Patricia S. Hanslip Not relevant
————— ————- —————————————————- ————————–
Marriage 1840 Andrew Oliver – Margaret Watson  
Marriage   Randle Thornton – Mary Oliver  
Marriage 1849 John Parkinson – Ellen Bainbridge  
Marriage 1857 George Davis – Sarah Corbett Expected Ann
Marriage 1858 John Henderson – Margaret Stavers  
Marriage 1859 Joseph Bell – Isabella Cracket  
Marriage 1864 William Robinson Turner – Barbara Murray  
Marriage 1871 Robert Cracket – Elizabeth Corbitt  
Marriage 1874 Leonard Cracket – Mary Parkinson  
Marriage 1882 George Murray Turner – Sarah Ann Carr  
Marriage 1891 Archibald Henderson – Margaret Jane Thornton  
Marriage 1892 Robert Webb – Mary Davis  
Marriage 1900 James Doleman – Elizabeth Simmons  
Marriage   Henry Hanson – Elisabeth Doleman  
Marriage   John George Spears – Annetta Webb  
Marriage 1935 Robert Webb Spears – Margaret Ellen Bell  
Marriage   Henry Stuart – Charlotte Davis  
Marriage 1915 David Robert Sinclair Crackett – Lily Evelyn Allison  
Marriage 1915 George Crackett – Ellenor Turner  
Marriage 1919 Jonathan Doleman Webb – Margaret Jane Henderson  
Marriage 1920 Robert Smailes – Annetta Spears (née Webb)  
Marriage 1924 William Daniel Evans – Jane Ann Turner  
Marriage 1924 James William Doleman Simmons – Jane Ann Wilkinson  
Marriage 1930 Leonard Crackett – Hannah Morton  
Marriage 1935 Robert Webb Spears – Margaret Ellen Bell  
Marriage 1942 Sydney Crackett – Caroline Hanslip  
Marriage 1942 George William Crackett – Margaret Jane Webb  
Marriage   Raymond Hume and Harriet Ann Webb  
————— ————- —————————————————- ————————–
Death 1846 WIlliam Cracket  
Death 1860 William Cracket  
Death 1862 Elizabeth Cracket  
Death 1863 William Crackett  
Death 1864 Peter Stavers  
Death 1877 William Crackett  
Death 1880 William Crackett  
Death 1888 Andrew Oliver  
Death 1893 Harriet Henderson (née Newton)  
Death 1896 George Murray  
Death 1902 Mary Webb (née Davis)  
Death 1903 Ann Roden Turner  
Death 1911 George Cracket  
Death 1912 Margaret Jane Henderson (née Thornton)  
Death 1913 Mary Phyllis Henderson (née Thornton)  
Death 1918 Archibald Henderson  
Death 1918 Isabella Webb  
Death 1924 Edmund Webb  
Death 1926 Robert Webb  
Death 1929 Leonard Crackett  
Death 1931 Mary Crackett (née Parkinson)  
Death 1941 Sarah Ann Turner (née Carr)  
Death 1950 Lily Evelyn Crackett  
Death 1957 Elizabeth Doleman  
Death 1976 Ellenor Crackett  
Death 1978 George Crackett  
Death 1981 Jonathan Doleman Webb  
Death 1982 Margaret Jane Webb  
Death 1991 Hannah Crackett  

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