My Bainbridge connection

I have not yet managed to track many of my Bainbridge ancestors. The first Bainbridge in my pedigree is my 2x great grandmother Eleanor Bainbridge born about 1829 in Walker in Northumberland. As with many of my Eleanor grannies we have had some confusion trying to trace appropriate records as the Christian name tends to vary between Eleanor and Ellen on different documents. Next in line after Eleanor is 3x great grandfather John Bainbridge. Need to make an effort to find out more about him.

A family rumour suggested initially that Eleanor was some connection to the Bainbridge family who owned the department store in Newcastle, but closer investigation showed her father to be a pitman.

2 thoughts on “Bainbridge

  1. I have several Bainbridges in the 1850 to 1900. Charles Edward Bainbridge , his spouse and children living in Middleton in Teesdale, Durham, England

    • Apologies for the slow response. My Bainbridge line starts with great great grandmother Eleanor Bainbridge, born abt 1829 at Walker in Northumberland. Her father was John Bainbridge, born in 1787 at Longbenton. His father was William Bainbridge, born in the mid 1700s at Chester le Street, Durham. It could be possible that our lines cross at some stage. It might also interest you to know that I have a Mary Jane Stonehouse in my tree. She married a Thomas Frank Crackett.

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