Churchyards and cemeteries

One of my first research activities was to head for the two cemeteries in Amble on a mission to track down the Turner family plot to check some information for my cousin and to see if I could find the Henderson graves that my Granny Webb used to take me to on her weekly flower visit. I amazed myself by being able to head almost directly to the Henderson graves even though it must be over 40 years since I went with my granny.

Both visits surprised me by turning up a lot more information than I expected and bringing many old memories of family and townspeople back to the surface. Since then I have visited more cemetries and have some interesting monumental photos from:

  • Amble West Cemetery
  • Amble East Cemetery
  • St. John’s church at Broomhill
  • Chevington Cemetery
  • St. Lawrence’s Church at Warkworth
  • St. Paul’s Church at Choppington
  • Lowick Church

Plan to start publishing some of the photos that have helped my research in the Christmas hols.

Others that I need information from include:

  • Kyloe Church – privately owned, by appointment only
  • Norham Church – figured out where it is but did not have time

War Memorials

My collection of war memorial photos so far includes:

  • Amble
  • Radcliffe (at Amble)
  • Broomhill

Constructive comments and new relatives are welcome:

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