NDFHS Parish Register Series

I spent yesterday evening socialising with a couple of old friends and since we gossiped till midnight I made no blog post. Making up for that today by publishing this extra catch-up post so I am still on my postaday target.

I find the NDFHS Parish Register Series useful in identifying which churchyards I want to visit for a photo shoot. My Publications page shows which monumental inscriptions in the series I have in my genealogy research library.


Power of search and collaboration

About an hour ago I posted to my genealogy blog about a distant relative with an unusual occupation. A few minutes later I sent a question about this occupation to the mailing list of the NDFHS. Amazing to see that I have now had several hits on my blog from search engines looking for this occupation. Assume that this is a result of people on the mailing list trying to help me. Amazed that the search engines find me and even more amazed at the enthusiastic collaboration that the NDFHS mailing list generates.