Disentangling Doleman

Much of today’s effort has been devoted to trying to tie down my connection to the Doleman family. My grandfather Jonathan Doleman Webb had several Doleman “cousins” in Amble in Northumberland, but I have been unable to work out exactly where the relationship lies. I cannot find any appropriate Webb-Doleman marriages to tie the connection to his paternal line or Davis-Doleman marriages to tie it to his maternal line. I have now traced the Amble Doleman line back to Bilston in Staffordshire in the hope that this may shed some light.

Obscure occupations – chape filer

John Doleman, born about 1776 in Bilston, Staffordshire was working as a chape filer at age 75. Never having heard of a chape before, I had to investigate further and have now concluded that he filed metal buckles. I learn something new every day through my genealogy research.