Ahnentafel update for generations 9 – 12

Have now added generations 9 to 12 to the ancestor list on My Family.

  • Generation 9: 14 and 2 halves added
  • Generation 10: 12 people added
  • Generation 11: 6 people added
  • Generation 12: 1 person added

Pleased with my progress, but have to admit I still have a few folks to find 🙂


Updated ancestor list to 8th generation (Ahnentafel)

My list of direct ancestors under My Family was lagging a little behind my research. I have added 34 new people to the list tonight, plus a few “halves” where I only know a grandmother’s first name or have recently discovered her last name. This update just includes names so far. I will add in the dates later. I have now completed up to generation 8, which is 5th great grandparents. Will hopefully get on to the next few generations later this evening. The list is in Ahnentafel format where the ancestor’s position in the tree is numerically defined.

My Ancestor Chart

On My Family page I have now started to develop my Ancestor Chart using the Eytzinger Method to number entries in an Ahnentafel. Will be adding more factual information including dates and locations and developing a plan to fill some of the gaps. The surnames shown in my ancestor chart so far are Crackett, Webb, Turner, Henderson, Cracket, Parkinson, Carr, Davis, Thornton, Tait, Bainbridge, Murray, Carr, Corbett, Stavers, Oliver, Reay, Newton, Young and Hall.