Interesting genealogy blogs

When I first started trying to figure out how to structure my blog I did some exploration of other genealogy blogs to find inspiration. I still check in there regularly to pick up new ideas and continue the learning curve. Here are a few of the blogs that I have given me food for thought. Perhaps they can help to inspire others who are contemplating taking a leap into the blogging world:


You Don’t Choose Your Family  
Roots and Stones  
Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening  
Spirits of the Old  
Lackawanna Ties  
Scottish DNA Project Blog  
Last Resting Place  

2 thoughts on “Interesting genealogy blogs

  1. Thank you for the mention, and finding my Blog one of interest 🙂
    You have done a wonderful job on your blog, and I enjoy reading it very much.

    Spirits Of the Old

    • You are welcome Tracie. I took a look at yours initially because I too have a Margaret Ironside from New Deer. Liked your layout and interesting content.

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