Pruning progress

As usual with tree pruning it is easy to get sidetracked. Although I was planning to tackle Snip Autumn Treemarriages first, I found it easier to jump into tidying up death records. Of course, any death record requires further analysis and so losing focus is par for the course.

However, despite the loss of focus, it has been a worthwhile effort:

  • 10 new people added to the tree
  • Current person count reduced by 5 where I have found enough information to comfortably merge duplicates
  • Found death records for 15 people who were showing as living
  • 69 citations added to confirm that I am on the right track
  • 5 new sources added
  • Amendments to 36 individuals
  • 6 people who do not belong have been deleted

Not bad for a weekend’s effort, but still a long way to go with the pruning.

Pruning plans

Snip Autumn TreeI have identified two areas where I need to do some pruning and tidying of my tree:

I realised that I have been losing some ancestors from all profiles when importing gedcoms to Genome Mate Pro. This is due to inconsistencies in my registration of marriage records in the tree. I am now planning to review direct line marriages this weekend to resolve this issue.

Looking at the statistics for my tree on Ancestry today I noticed it is time for a review and update of death records. I have a number of people still showing as living who are unlikely to still be with us. I am going to start by reviewing all of those who would now be centenarians if they are still living, then perhaps cover all of those born before 1920.



Calendar Comments – January 15th

My family history event for 15th January is the marriage of Jane Cracket and William Jordison in 1862 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I am still researching whether or not Jane belongs in my tree. She is the daughter of John Cracket and Elizabeth Dixon and was baptized in Tynemouth in 1832. Family Christian names would suggest there is a connection, but I have not yet figured out who John’s parents were.

Calendar Comments – January 14th

My family history event for January 14th is:

  • 1827 – Baptism of Mary Cracket on 14th January 1827 at Lowick, Northumberland. Mary’s parents were James Cracket and Elizabeth Henderson. I am still trying to figure out how this little branch attaches to my tree, but they have the right name, timeframe and location to be a strong possibility for relatives.
I also have three more recent events on January 14th, two Cracketts and one from a Turner collateral line in the USA.

Calendar Comments – January 13th

My family history events for January 13th include:Dad

  • 1978 – My Dad, George William Crackett, died on 13th January 1978 in Ashington hospital. He was just a few months older than I am now.
  • 1925 – My 1st cousin 4 times removed Ann Lemcke (née Rennie) died in Aberdeen.
  • 1836 – My 4th great aunt Jane Murray married William Mitchell at Monquhitter in Aberdeenshire. Jane was the daughter of my 4th great grandparents George Murray and Anne Ruddiman.
  • 1791 – My 5th great grandparents, Joseph Hutchinson and Mary Brown, married at Felton in Northumberland.

Calendar Comments – January 12th


Snip Elizabeth CrackettAmong my family history events for January 12th are:

  • 1753- My 5th great uncle, John Nisbit, was baptized 12th January 1753 at Groat Meeting House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His date of birth was 7th January.
  • 1875 – My great aunt, Elizabeth Crackett, was baptized 12th January 1875 at Morpeth in Northumberland. Her date of birth was 6 Dec 1874. She is one of the young ladies in the banner picture at the top of my blog, but I am not sure which one. Most likely back row 2nd from left or front row left.
  • 1884 – Birth of Clayton Percy Ash in Ontario, Canada. He is not a biological relative, but is the brother of Ernest Casler Ash who I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Calendar Comments – January 11th

Snip Ernest Casler Ash

My family history event for January 11th is the birth of Ernest Casler Ash (Ernest Castler Ash) on January 11th 1886 in Ontario, Canada. His parents were Clayton Fletcher Ash (known as Fred) and Victoria Ann Scott. Ernest is not one of my own biological relatives. He was the paternal grandfather of my deceased Canadian 1st cousin, James Murray Ash jr. (1943-2011). My other Canadian relatives are beginning to be interested in family history so we are collaborating on their research.