Where to find my tree

TreeThe master version of my tree has been developed on my laptop using FTM (Family Tree Maker). I synchronise it regularly with my public tree on Ancestry: Crackett-Webb-Turner-Henderson. I also have versions of my tree on My Heritage, thegenealogist.com, genesreunited and a couple of other sites, but these versions are a little out of date.

If you are interested in my family, drop me a line and I will send you an invitation to view my tree on Ancestry. You do not need to have a subscription. It is possible to establish a free guest account if you want to view an existing tree.

DNA : John Thornton and Margery Hall

DNA match iconThe first DNA result that I was able to make sense of gave me an increased confidence that my paper trail back to 3rd great grandparents John Thornton and Margery Hall is correct. John and Margery were married at Hartburn in 1822. I have found 8 children for them. The DNA match is between my maternal aunt and a descendent of their son Hall Thornton, born 1838, who emigrated to Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. To read more about this match take a look at the article: “MRCA: John Thornton and/or Margery Hall on my page DNA plus paper. This article explains the lines of descent.

Tree tidying

I decided that it was time to review my tree and clear up some of the inconsistencies in my data entry.Those that I have now tackled are:

  • Names in the wrong field: It is surprisingly easy when entering just a Christian name to pop it in as a surname by mistake. Tidied up 18 names that were wrongly placed, so that should improve sorting and filtering.
  • Gender: 14 people managed to sneak into my tree with wrong or missing gender. Hope that all of the blue and pink heads are now appropriately applied, but have still not figured out how to record a same sex partnership.
  • Duplicates: Merged 10 duplicates that had crept in. The majority of these seem to have been caused by not being careful enough when applying marriage records from ancestry hints. I was not aware when they first allowed both sides of the marriage to be added from one hint that there was a risk of creating a new record for the spouse. FTM actually suggested 120 duplicates. I have not yet reviewed all in detail, but think the majority are two separate individuals. I have many instances of names being recycled a couple of years after the death of a child.

Collateral lineage

Tree I have begun to set up information about how my many collateral lines tie into my tree. I have added a new page Collateral Lineage under the menu for My family.

My first few entries cover the following branches: Ash, Baston, Cole, Dann, Edge, Fear, Giles, Hetherington, Kussman and Lemcke. I plan to add to the list with a branches at a time as I am also using the opportunity to refresh my memory and check some facts at the same time. This will contribute to more complete information as a basis for analysing my DNA matches. The surnames I am reviewing here are among those I may expect to see on my match lists.

Updated ancestor list to 8th generation (Ahnentafel)

My list of direct ancestors under My Family was lagging a little behind my research. I have added 34 new people to the list tonight, plus a few “halves” where I only know a grandmother’s first name or have recently discovered her last name. This update just includes names so far. I will add in the dates later. I have now completed up to generation 8, which is 5th great grandparents. Will hopefully get on to the next few generations later this evening. The list is in Ahnentafel format where the ancestor’s position in the tree is numerically defined.