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I grew up in Amble, a small coastal town in North-East England. Went to school in the county town of Alnwick. Ventured further afield to Stirling University in the 70’s. Returned to N.E to work in Newcastle for a few years, then headed for London in the 80’s. In 1986 I moved to Norway for a two year assignment and stayed. Living in Norway makes it an interesting logistical challenge getting time to dig into archives in the UK, so I really have to focus on good preplanning internet research to get the most out of each trip back to the UK.

Who do I think I am?

My childhood memories indicate humble beginnings from lines of pitmen and fisherfolk, with my parents’ generation being the first to break the mould in terms of lifestyle and location. I am curious about how my ancestors lives were constrained by the situation they were born into and how their constraints and choices have impacted on my own personality and lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. This is brilliant and so far user friendly ,will be much better than looking up family on Ancestry. Had a stroppy reply from an American lady a while back after asking her how she was related to us after saving a census from my tree.Don’t get too technical as you upgrade or you’ll have to provide an idiots guide for me

    • Thanks. Now I get to see how comments work. Planning to use this for the more general information and will still use Ancestry and GenesReunited to publish the factual trees and seek more info. Promise not to get technical. Once I get a bit further under way I would like to put some of your ancient Ormstons on here too if that is OK with you. Think I might put some of them into a section on unusual names.

  2. Hello Lynda

    I was recently nominated for an Ancestor Approved award by two fellow genealogy bloggers. One of the requirements of being given the award is to nominate a further 10 people. So I have nominated you. I really enjoy reading blog posts they are really interesting and varied.

    Anyway here’s a link to my blog post about the award http://mikeydawson.wordpress.com/

    You Don’t Choose Your Family

    • Cheers Mike, the nomination is much appreciated. I will try and take a closer look at the award at the weekend. Just had a quick look at your “You Don’t Choose Your Family”. Some great work there. Given me some interesting ideas. Thanks, Lynda

  3. just to let you know there are hedley webpage in canada. also hedleys in nz/australia my family ancestor come from the area did we were related to william hedley puffin wily

    • Thanks Robert. Do the Canadian and NZ/Australia Hedleys have any links to the Elsdon area in Northumberland? My 5th great grandmother, Isabel Hedley, married William Thompson there in 1766. I am not sure if she was born in Elsdon. and have not yet found her parents. I understand that William Hedley of Puffin Billy fame came from Newburn near Newcastle. Not yet aware of any connections between him and my Hedley ancestor.

  4. Hello there and sorry to intrude. I came across your family whilst researching mine. I am a great great granddaughter of Randle Thornton and Mary Oliver through their son Watson Oliver (my great grandfather). Until marriage I was also a Thornton. I was fascinated at seeing the Hendersons migrating to California after the sad early death of Mary Phyillis. My father was an only child and didn’t have a lot of memories of his family so it’s fantastic to see their are distant relatives out there. If I can fill any gaps, let me know. (Mary Jobson)

    • This was certainly not an intrusion Mary. Randle T and Mary O were my great great grandparents too, so that makes us 3rd cousins. I certainly have some gaps that you will be able to fill and no doubt I can fill a few for you. I will send you an e-mail with more info.

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