Tree tidying

I decided that it was time to review my tree and clear up some of the inconsistencies in my data entry.Those that I have now tackled are:

  • Names in the wrong field: It is surprisingly easy when entering just a Christian name to pop it in as a surname by mistake. Tidied up 18 names that were wrongly placed, so that should improve sorting and filtering.
  • Gender: 14 people managed to sneak into my tree with wrong or missing gender. Hope that all of the blue and pink heads are now appropriately applied, but have still not figured out how to record a same sex partnership.
  • Duplicates: Merged 10 duplicates that had crept in. The majority of these seem to have been caused by not being careful enough when applying marriage records from ancestry hints. I was not aware when they first allowed both sides of the marriage to be added from one hint that there was a risk of creating a new record for the spouse. FTM actually suggested 120 duplicates. I have not yet reviewed all in detail, but think the majority are two separate individuals. I have many instances of names being recycled a couple of years after the death of a child.

Happy New Year 2015

It has been a while since I have concentrated on my genealogical research or posted to my blog as life has been fairly busy. I am now planning to pick up the threads again and increase the level of activity. I hope that those of you who have left comments will bear with me as I work through them all and respond.

Just June


Since it is the end of the month I have updated the starring system on my surname list that indicates the newest names. Have to confess that this has not been an inspiring month from the viewpoint of tending the tree. Too many other commitments as the summer approaches so I have not added a single new surname to the list in June. I have found more relatives with already known surnames though, so I have not been completely idle. Any new surnames that I find in July will be flagged with two stars until the next month end.

Norwegian wood


I assume that my ancestors derived much of their musical entertainment from listening to colliery bands or from singing hymns on Sundays. I wonder what they would have made of rock concerts and festivals, not to mention ipods. Reason for these musings is that Norwegian Wood festival is on at the moment and for the past 4 days I have been able to hear the music from my balcony. A couple of the featured artists have been from my part of the world. Both Bryan Ferry and Sting are from North-East England.