Surname list updated

Just added a few more surnames to my page: Surnames – full list under My family. The new names are:

  • Andrew
  • Atkinson
  • Berkley
  • Foster
  • Haproff

Sharing content

I added some sharing buttons yesterday. Still not sure I have full control over this functionality. When I view the blog from my ipad they seem to take a little too long to load. Please let me know if they are causing problems for you and I will delete some of them. Tried a test this evening using the facebook share button to send a post to some family members. Very curious to see how they will react to what turned up on their timelines.

Just hit 200 posts

Status 200 postsWordPress notifications tell me that I have hit my 200th post today. Not very impressive when you consider that I started blogging in 2010. However, in 2010 and 2011 I was just learning about family history research and did not have much of interest to say. I hit a peak in 2012 with 170 posts. Lost the plot a little in 2013 and 2014 when both research and blogging activity were pretty much zero as I was busy elsewhere. It was also minimal in early 2015. Most of my activity this year has been since the summer. However, I hope you realize that there is more to this blog than just the posts that appear on the main rolling front page. There are also structured menu pages covering specific subjects. The most recent of these is DNA plus paper, where I am starting to document my journey into genetic genealogy. Not all pages are fully up to date, but I am planning to tackle that this autumn.

New format on Ancestry

Course Completion New AncestryHad to smile at this rather pretentious certificate. This is what you get after a half hour e-learning course if you take the little 20 question quiz at the end. The course had the silly title “Learn About Your Ancestors Using the Latest from Ancestry“. The actual content is a run through the main features of the new format, including the Lifestory functionality. I wish they would not call it lifestory, as until you go through and edit each lifestory it can include a number of time related historical events that are totally irrelevant for the ancestor concerned. My objective in taking the course was to see whether to wait or jump in and go over to the new format now. If you are wondering about the result of this decision making process, here is a snippet of my paternal line in the new format:

Snippet new format GWC

Blog activity 31 August 2015

Blog activity 31 AugWelcome to all my new readers 🙂

Yesterday I posted a summary of blog activity which indicated little recent interest. This was understandable as my postings in the past couple of years have been infrequent due to other commitments. I followed up the status report with a posting on facebook and  a new link to Digging up the ancients. The effect of that social media posting has been amazing. Both yesterday evening and today there has been a significant increase in reader activity. Here is a new summary for August. Most of the geographical locations for my current readers are understandable, but I am a little surprised by the reader in Namibia. I hope that if this individual is genuinely interested in my family history that he/she will get in touch.

Blog activity August 2015

Blog activity August 2015After a long period with few posts I was curious about whether anyone is now reading my blog. Here is an overview of activity in the past month. The 6 Norwegian views can be ignored as they were me looking at it from outside my admin account to make sure everything was working properly.

Tree tidying

I decided that it was time to review my tree and clear up some of the inconsistencies in my data entry.Those that I have now tackled are:

  • Names in the wrong field: It is surprisingly easy when entering just a Christian name to pop it in as a surname by mistake. Tidied up 18 names that were wrongly placed, so that should improve sorting and filtering.
  • Gender: 14 people managed to sneak into my tree with wrong or missing gender. Hope that all of the blue and pink heads are now appropriately applied, but have still not figured out how to record a same sex partnership.
  • Duplicates: Merged 10 duplicates that had crept in. The majority of these seem to have been caused by not being careful enough when applying marriage records from ancestry hints. I was not aware when they first allowed both sides of the marriage to be added from one hint that there was a risk of creating a new record for the spouse. FTM actually suggested 120 duplicates. I have not yet reviewed all in detail, but think the majority are two separate individuals. I have many instances of names being recycled a couple of years after the death of a child.