Pruning progress

As usual with tree pruning it is easy to get sidetracked. Although I was planning to tackle Snip Autumn Treemarriages first, I found it easier to jump into tidying up death records. Of course, any death record requires further analysis and so losing focus is par for the course.

However, despite the loss of focus, it has been a worthwhile effort:

  • 10 new people added to the tree
  • Current person count reduced by 5 where I have found enough information to comfortably merge duplicates
  • Found death records for 15 people who were showing as living
  • 69 citations added to confirm that I am on the right track
  • 5 new sources added
  • Amendments to 36 individuals
  • 6 people who do not belong have been deleted

Not bad for a weekend’s effort, but still a long way to go with the pruning.

Pruning plans

Snip Autumn TreeI have identified two areas where I need to do some pruning and tidying of my tree:

I realised that I have been losing some ancestors from all profiles when importing gedcoms to Genome Mate Pro. This is due to inconsistencies in my registration of marriage records in the tree. I am now planning to review direct line marriages this weekend to resolve this issue.

Looking at the statistics for my tree on Ancestry today I noticed it is time for a review and update of death records. I have a number of people still showing as living who are unlikely to still be with us. I am going to start by reviewing all of those who would now be centenarians if they are still living, then perhaps cover all of those born before 1920.



Another month whizzes past

Views Sept 2015September is over and I have just had a quick review of my blog statistics for the past three months. Interest seems to be growing and I expect my September viewings would have been even better if I had continued to post daily for the whole month.

The little lapse in posting for the last week is because I was too busy giving a living introduction to ourViews country Sept 2015 family history to two cousins from the other side of the world who were visiting Northumberland for the first time. We had a whirlwind tour that included Warkworth, Radcliffe, Amble, Hauxley, Alnwick and Alnmouth. I am contemplating adding a new page to cover that visit after I catch up on the work backlog from taking a short break. Managed to tidy up a few branches on the family tree at the same time thanks to their input.

3 new topics in DNA plus paper

I was thrilled to receive my relative match list today from the 23andme autosomal test which I took during my summer holidays. Now I just need to find time to figure out what to do with the results and who I would like to try to contact.

I have added three new topics to my page DNA plus paper:23andme relatives

  • 23andme DNA Relatives processed
  • Countries of Ancestry
  • Top Relative Surnames

You can access them from the link in this post or from the menu line of Digging up the Ancients.

The past few weeks

Views and visitorsI started to kick myself into daily posting again after my summer holidays. It has been interesting to see the effect that my increased writing activity has had on my readers. A big thanks to all of you who follow my posts. I hope you find something of interest as you browse through my meandering thoughts and random ramblings. I have lots more floating around in my head that I plan to publish. Just need to structure my ideas, pick out photos and “put pen to paper” or hit the appropriate keys on the keyboard.

4 new topics on DNA plus paper

I have added four new topics to my page DNA plus paper:Shared DNA Lyn and Hal

  • DNA % shared with my aunt (with links to a useful calculator and other tools)
  • mtDNA Haplogroup
  • Step 5 at 23andme
  • Progress at 23andme

You can access them from the link in this post or from the menu line of Digging up the Ancients.