5 years of blogging

Snip WordPress 5th anniversaryWordPress reminded me today that this is my 5th anniversary of starting to blog. My first post on Digging up the Ancients was made 24th Oct 2010. At that stage I knew very little about my family history so this has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much about the people, the places and the times. Elements of history and geography that flew over my head in lessons at school have found a new meaning because I can now relate them to my own family. So many interesting tales to tell, covering the full spectrum from lost loves to manslaughter and mayhem. I have found ancient ancestors and claimed new cousins. My adventure is now taking me beyond my grandparents’ yarns and the documented paper trail into the realms of genetic genealogy where more fascinating facts may be lurking.

Spoke too soon

This upgrade to Win 10 is not going to be as painless as I hoped.

  • Microsoft snip tool manages to snip but cannot file the snippet !
  • Microsoft Edge admits that it cannot access Ancestry and suggests (in Swedish!) that I use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Bad marketing from MS to recommend their competitors, but would otherwise be fine if Chrome wasn’t crashing too.
  • Then most annoying of all, they are trying to force me onto the Swedish ancestry site as I live in Norway. I don’t want to go there. I want ancestry.co.uk.  Aaarrrghhh.
Oh well, back to the ipad for everything else I want to do tonight……..The rest of the testing and troubleshooting will have to wait for another day.

Sync survived

20150908_182244Were Microsoft really serious when they asked me to “sit back and relax” as I upgraded to Windows 10? Have to confess I have been a little mystified by their scheduling system. Still have not figured out how my attempt to schedule this upgrade for Saturday 5th Sept at 12.00 suddenly popped up on Tuesday 8th Sept with an hour warning that it would run at 19.00. Jumped on the opportunity and hit “run now” before it changed its mind and disappeared again. Two hours and two restarts later I think my PC has survived the trauma.

The positive news is that I can still access my tree on Family Tree Maker and run a successful synchronisation to Ancestry. The negative is that Chrome is crashing which may have implications for my work on AncestryDNA. Everything else is going to have to wait till the weekend to test as I am off on another two day conference at the end of the week.

Sharing content

I added some sharing buttons yesterday. Still not sure I have full control over this functionality. When I view the blog from my ipad they seem to take a little too long to load. Please let me know if they are causing problems for you and I will delete some of them. Tried a test this evening using the facebook share button to send a post to some family members. Very curious to see how they will react to what turned up on their timelines.

Autosomal DNA relationship calculator

RJLOne of my distant genetic cousins is developing an autosomal DNA relationship  calculator. This is a work-in-progress at the moment, so he is happy to have folks test and offer suggestions on improvements. You can find more information about his development activities on Robert James Liguori’s Blog. Beta-testing of the basic functionality is now started and he is adding more Relationship Range Providers so that we can calculate with various theoretical assumptions as the basis.

Robert and I have a genetic relationship proven by DNA testing, but have yet to find the paper trail that will point us to our common ancestors. We know that they are on our respective maternal sides as we have an autosomal match between his mother and my maternal aunt. I rather suspect that these distant grandparents are lurking behind brick walls due to illegitimacy on both of our relevant ancestral lines. Best guess so far is that our ancestral paths crossed somewhere in Durham, Yorkshire or Lancashire. Possible names under investigation so far: Whitehead, Horsfield, Bailey, Shepherd, Mitchell, Manners, Webb.

Family Tree Maker patch

FTM upgrade versionI just took the chance of upgrading Family Tree Maker 2014 with a patch. I wanted to make sure I was on the most current version in case there could be issues after changing to the new Ancestry format. I was a little worried that I might have to establish a new tree to synchronize with and send out all invites again, but fortunately the upgrade went smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my tree still synchronized easily after patching. The next technical question to face is whether any of my family history tools might go awry after installing Windows 10. I tried to schedule that upgrade for kl 12.00 today, but so far any activity on that front is missing in action.