DNA: John Davis and Mary

DNA match iconThis is my first DNA success story from my brother’s kit on AncestryDNA. I am very pleased about this one as it gives extra assurance that my paper trail is valid for the very common surname Davis. It clearly shows the benefits of testing siblings, as this match did not appear for my own kit.

It also demonstrates how families spread around the world can find their common roots through the versatility of DNA analysis. I was born in Northumberland, England and now live in Norway. The two kits that matched belong to people in Italy and Australia. The probable common ancestors lived in Shropshire, England.

If you would like to know more about our DNA and paper trail links to John Davis and his wife Mary take a look at the article: “MRCA: John Davis and/or Mary ??” on my page DNA plus paper.


6 thoughts on “DNA: John Davis and Mary

    • So far I am back to 4th great grandfather James Davis who married Mary Beach in Ludlow in 1793. Not an easy line to research, but I am feeling reasonably confident I am on the right track from some of my DNA findings. Would you like to exchange more info?

    • Got your message with the gedmatch number, but won’t publish it here so you have control over who gets your number. Had to drop the threshold, but am seeing enough matching segments with my aunt and I to think this is worth a closer look. Longest with my aunt was 6.3 cM. If you would like to give me your e-mail address (put it in a comment that I won’t publish), then I will send you our gedmatch numbers and some more info about my Davis line. This could be interesting.

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