Sync survived

20150908_182244Were Microsoft really serious when they asked me to “sit back and relax” as I upgraded to Windows 10? Have to confess I have been a little mystified by their scheduling system. Still have not figured out how my attempt to schedule this upgrade for Saturday 5th Sept at 12.00 suddenly popped up on Tuesday 8th Sept with an hour warning that it would run at 19.00. Jumped on the opportunity and hit “run now” before it changed its mind and disappeared again. Two hours and two restarts later I think my PC has survived the trauma.

The positive news is that I can still access my tree on Family Tree Maker and run a successful synchronisation to Ancestry. The negative is that Chrome is crashing which may have implications for my work on AncestryDNA. Everything else is going to have to wait till the weekend to test as I am off on another two day conference at the end of the week.


Constructive comments and new relatives are welcome:

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