Yes, there is a Northumberland in England

Old Northumberland

Old Northumberland

I have been driven to distraction over the past few hours by Ancestry’s many attempts to persuade me that my ancestors come from Pennsylvania, Ontario or New South Wales. I have no issue with USA, Canada and Australia reusing the Northumberland county name. What irritates me is that seems unable to suggest that any Northumbrian location is English without manual assistance.

Since I was unaware when I first started my tree that this was going to be an issue, I was not too careful about adding the country name to every place name. Now I am suffering for my lapse.

Looking on the positive side, I have been kicked into rationalizing another couple of hundred place names this evening. Hopefully I have now planted my little corner of Northumberland safely back on English soil, but if you read my tree and see a foreign Northumberland has slipped past me please let me know so I can check whether it is correct.


Constructive comments and new relatives are welcome:

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