Family history through the alphabet – I is for Investigative Initiative

I is for Investigative Initiative

One of the things I have learned from my genealogy research is that if you get stuck then try again from a different angle. I use several different online sources and often find that something which may not be indexed on one will turn up on another. I have also learned that it is wise not to be too restrictive on search terms. A wider search can often throw up something that will be filtered out if the search criteria are too narrow. It can also give interesting collateral information about other family members than the object of the search.

I is for Ironside

I is also for Ironside, one of my Scottish pedigree lines which starts with 3x great grandmother Margaret Ironside. Margaret was born in 1816 at New Deer in Aberdeenshire.

If you would like to know more about this alphabet challenge or read I-contributions from other bloggers take a look at Family History Through the Alphabet.

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7 thoughts on “Family history through the alphabet – I is for Investigative Initiative

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  2. ‘Investigative Initiative’ is a fabulous word for i … and I bet most people can agree, that after getting stuck, and wondering ‘where next’, we’ll suddenly think of a different angle to try.

  3. I also find that if I get stuck with genealogical, that if I set it aside, I’ll sometimes discover the answers when I am researching something else and least expect to find it.

    • Me too. Found one missing set of folks who were not showing up on indexes purely by accident as they turned up on a census form next door to someone from a completely different line I was researching.

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