150 posts

My last post was number 150. Adding to that the 45 pages on my blog I am now beginning to amass a reasonable level of varied content. Since picking up blogging again at the end of February I have managed to produce daily posts (though occasionally posted a day or two late). I missed out yesterday, so this one is a catch-up for Monday 25 June. I also owe two posts from last week when I missed Monday and Tuesday. Plan to make up for those before the end of this week.

4 thoughts on “150 posts

  1. You are amazing……150 posts…..and I enjoy your Blog. I am just getting started and it is a steep learning curve for me. I think my father would have loved this new world. He was a Telegrapher with the Canadian Pacific Railway and was the fastest typist I knew. He also operated a Ham Radio which we listened to in the long winter nights of the 1950’s. We would wait weeks sometimes to receive a “contact made” card in the mail. How he would have loved all this worldwide immediate contact. He could have used his call sign for his user name…….VE6IR!

    • Thanks. You have got off to a good start too. If your father was so keen on worldwide communication to be a radio operator then I am sure he would have been thrilled by the communication opportunities we have today.

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