Brain dead?

To those of you who take the time to read my blog and leave real comments I would like to say that I really enjoy the dialogue I have with you. It inspires me to keep up my regular posting knowing that people are reading and appreciating the effort 🙂

Had to laugh tonight when a comment plucked out by my Akismet spam filter told me that many of the responses to my blog are from brain dead people. If anyone is brain dead it is the spammer who was telling me that I am stupid, that you are stupid and at the same time inviting me to connect with him on twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and more. What an idiot.


5 thoughts on “Brain dead?

  1. Well, I discovered that one of my Ancestors died from “softening of the brain” 😉 What a twit!!! … I didn’t know you could look up the spam Akismet chucks out.

    • It all gets filtered into a list which I can then review and empty. Gives an option to return the spam to the normal comment list if Akismet have screwed up, but so far they have been right every time. Impressed by how well their filter works.

      • Thanks… yep, I’ve seen the list there but haven’t got around to working out what to do with it… Now I know, terrific! 🙂

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