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Australia, USA and UK have been the top three countries showing interest in my blog during the past week. I have now passed 3000 hits. About two thirds have been in the past four months since I started blogging more regularly (postaday) in February this year. I also have a number of followers whose viewings are not included in the hit count above. There are now 11 people following the blog and another 9 who are following activity on specific comments. I still have many family members that I have not sent the link to yet, so I expect some significant changes in the demographics of my readers once I start to spread information about the blog to more cousins and potential cousins.

I almost forgot to mention that this is not today’s post, but my catch-up post for Thursday 24th May when I was out for the evening having dinner at Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin. It was a beautiful evening, so we were able to dine outside and watch the boats go by.


5 thoughts on “Blog reader status

  1. That “hit counter” is fascinating. How do/did you instal it Lyn? … oh, and congrats on your stats! … ha ha ha…just noticed that rhymes… “congrats on your stats”… 😀

    • Yepp it rhymes. You’re a poet and you don’t know it 🙂
      I found the hit counter on the dashboard under Appearance – Widgets. It is a widget called “Blog Stats”

      • Thanks Lyn… I’ve done it. Now I just need to work out how to find/post the colour picture showing the countries… duh 😀

      • That was a cut & paste job. I went into the stats by country and used the Windows Snipping Tool to capture the bit of screen I wanted. Filed it in pictures. Uploaded to media library. Then published to post. Good luck 🙂

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