Blavatar: Amble staiths

Coal staiths and fishing boats at Amble Harbour

My blog has existed for a year and a half with just the standard WordPress symbol identifying it. I decided not to have my own photo as a blavatar image since this is more about my past than about me. Until now I have been stuck for ideas as to what might be an appropriate picture, but tonight I had a flash of inspiration. I have a water colour of Amble harbour showing the coal staiths and fishing boats. Nothing could be more appropriate since it was coal mines and fish quays that brought my various ancestral lines together at Amble to produce me. The blavatar is a little too small to get the full effect, so here is a picture of the painting. This is one of many local Northumbrian scenes painted by my uncle.


3 thoughts on “Blavatar: Amble staiths

  1. I prefer the photo of the coal staithes that are used on the back cover of ‘The Amble Branch’

    • The picture of the staiths on the back of your book is a good one Bartle. Very evocative. However, this version holds sentimental value for me as it was painted for me by my uncle. How on earth did you manage to stumble across my blog? I know I have had several Antipodean readers, but had not realised you were one of them 🙂 Was it because I have you on my list of useful books?

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