May modus operandi

Most of my genealogy research so far has been structured according what grabs my interest on a particular day and what mood I am in. The Easter break was the first time I tried to set myself some more structured plans. Although I did not manage everything on the list it did help me to not wander too far off track, so I am going to do the same for May. Focus areas this month (unless of course I get sidetracked onto something much more fun to follow up) are:

  • Register all of the Murray, Winning and Lemcke information that I have been working on with my Aberdeenshire cousin and follow up other interesting leads he feeds to me. Will probably take the whole month doing a few each day to get up to date.
  • 1st week: Tie together in my tree on Ancestry the families of my 2x great grandfather William Cracket and his siblings Adam, David, Margaret, Mark and Jane
  • 2nd week: Sift through the Oliver and Thornton notes I made at Woodhorn at Easter
  • 3rd week: Bang my head against that Webb brick wall again. Maybe some day it might crumble when I look at it from a different angle
  • 4th week: Feel I am on a roll with my Halls of Elsdon so I might see where Gabriel & Hannah take me next
  • 5th week: See what is behind Ancestry’s shaking leaves on my Carr line

2 thoughts on “May modus operandi

  1. You got a great start. My family has been traced for my Dad’s side of the family (Bradley & Rose) but my Mom’s side is a little trickier. I have a cousin following the Hylton side but my grandfather is harder. He’s been gone since I was a small girl and according Mom’s brother’s the Dickson name was spelled different after they all went in the service. It could be Dixon, Dicson, or Dickson which I grew up knowing. Mom never talked about her family very much but I think at least two generations back they all came from Virginia. Good luck with your search!!

    • Thanks for your encouragement. You are going to have fun if you manage to track your Dixon/Dicksons further back on this side of the Atlantic. Taking into account name variations there were over 40.000 of them back in the 1841 census. Looking at the ones I have in my tree gives a general impression of Dixon being a more common variant in England and Dickson in Scotland, but I could be jumping to conclusion a little quickly there. My Scottish 3x great grandfather George Murray had an Agnes Dickson as his second wife. They married in Coldstream in Scotland in 1864.

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