New 5x great grandparents Hall

I have now identified a new set of 5x great grandparents: Gabriel Hall and Hannah Hunter of West Todholes, Elsdon, Northumberland. They were married 12 December 1765, so I am now going to look for birth records in the 1740s. The reasoning behind my conclusion that Gabriel and Hannah belong in my tree can be found on my Hall page.

(This is my catch-up post for Friday 6th April when I missed my postaday)


2 thoughts on “New 5x great grandparents Hall

  1. someone is checking out Gabriel and Hannahs marriage for me today at Woodhorn. also Gabriel and Jane Hedleys marriage all are from Todholes/Todhills.

    • Interesting. Gabriel & Hannah were the best fit I found while I was at Woodhorn at Easter, but that was on my last afternoon, so I may have missed something. Curious about the dates for Gabriel & Jane. Are they an alternative to my Gabriel & Hannah theory or could they perhaps be the next generation back. Would be great if they were.

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