Catch-up after missing a week of postaday

I am now a week behind myself on my postaday plans. My excuse is that I have been on holiday and it has been too hectic to find time to order my thoughts and write. The upside of the hectic holiday and pause in posting is that I have had a couple of days at Woodhorn Archives and fitted in a couple of cemetery photo shoots so I have a lot to write about as I catch up. During the coming week I will be writing more to make up for the missing period. (This is catch-up post for Sunday 1 April).


Happy Easter

This Easter is the second anniversary of my genealogy activities. It is two years since my first trip to Woodhorn and I think I may have broken through a brick wall yesterday. I believe I may have found my Cracket 3x great grandparents. Still have a couple of things to check before I can confirm the theory.