More things to do on the next UK trip

These are a few additions to the list of items to follow up on my next trip to the UK:

  • Take a look at the Coldstream tollbooth where some of my relatives married to avoid using the established church
  • Check Coldstream churchyard for any of my Murray kin
  • Take a trip to Ulgham churchyard to see if it helps with the Watson line

Planning next archive trip

I have been doing some planning this evening for my next trip to Woodhorn Archives and NDFHS at Percy House. Among the checks I want to make if I have time are:

  • Confirm the correct father for Margery Hall born 1803 in Elsdon, Northumberland, since we have found conflicting information in various transcripts
  • Try to confirm which Isabella Cracket married Garnet Caisley
  • Integrity check on the various Adam Cracket and David Cracket births and marriages in the early 1800s. I think I may have some errors in  my data.
  • Take a closer look at the Olivers of Netherton and Hauxley
  • Try to find a marriage record for Thomas Oliver born 1800 in Hepscott and his wife Alice
  • Try to find parents for Robert Parkinson born 1792, probably somewhere around the Walker area.
  • Look for a marriage record for William Reay born 1776, possibly somewhere around the Walker area
  • Look for a marriage record for Thomas Carr born 1815 in Willington and Ellen Reed (Reid or Read) born 1822 and try to find her parents

Ambitious plans, and if previous experience is anything to go by, I will no doubt get sidetracked onto something completely different but equally useful.

Aggravating age adjustments

I expected to find the odd cosmetic adjustment to age somewhere in my tree, but I find that the most creative and irritating of all my age adjusters is great grandfather Robert Webb who either could not count or told big fibs. The few official documents I have managed to find for him indicate that he is the son of Edmund Webb and that he was born in Oldham, Lancashire in 1849, 1850, 1854, 1857 and 1861  Smile

For more information on this intriguing conundrum take a look at my Brick Wall page.

Full month of postaday

When I picked up blog writing again in February after a year of writer’s block I decided to be ambitious and aim for a new post every day. Today is the one month anniversary of the new kick-off and so far I have achieved the postaday goal. In the past month my main readers have been from Norway, UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the Netherlands.

Sunny spring Sunday

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon. I took advantage of the spring sunshine to sit out on the balcony with a cuppa and do some blog tidying in preparation for writing some of the more interesting stories that will flesh out the names and dates and give a better picture of my ancestors’ lives. Among the changes made today are:

  • Surnames– added several new names to the list and set up a marking system for names added in the current month.
  • Places– developed the introduction further and added a few more towns and villages to the list of those I intend to write about.
  • Wrongdoings– tidied up the introduction and the list of events I plan to write about
  • Gruesome ends – added to the introduction and to the list of unpleasant and untimely deaths that I plan to write about.