Creating my blog

Had a relaxing Sunday afternoon figuring out how to configure a blog with WordPress. Still have a lot to learn about how to make it easy to navigate. Decided on some basic elements and experimented with publishing text and photos and building a menu. Having realised that just giving access to the tree does not generate interest, I have given some thought to what my readers (if I should be so lucky as to have any) might want to know. Not going to spread the link to my family until I have added in some concrete info to key pages. My first attempt at posting a photo was the wedding photo for my parents George Crackett and Peggy Webb.


2 thoughts on “Creating my blog

  1. Welcome, Lynda! You’re doing a great job already. If you get at all stuck, it might be a useful idea to follow the blogging themes from Geneabloggers (things like Maritime Monday, Surname Saturday, Sentimental Sunday and so on). There is one for every day of the week.

    I, too, did not think that anybody would be interested in reading what I had to say. But what I found is that having a genealogy blog focuses you in a way you never imagined, narrowing your concentration on one person or thing and streamlining your research.

    All the best for your future research

    (researching ancestors in Devon, Cornwall and Warwickshire)

    • Thanks for the encouragement Ros. I wasn’t sure whether I had actually succeeded in making my blog visible to anyone other than those I have send links to, which isn’t very many so far. Planning to take a look at your blog and others to see what inspiration I find.
      Good luck with your own research and Merry Christmas

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